5-10 Business and Estates Leads a
Week from a Tiny Ad Spend


We continue our interview series with successful attorney-marketers where we uncover
what's working, what's not, and how you can get on a similar path to growth.
Attorney Laura Cowan works only a few hours each day, only has one full-time virtual assistant to supervise, but still her firm provides her a satisfying six-figure income.  

Her marketing spend is measured in the hundreds rather than tens of thousands. And she works remotely. 

This lifestyle-firm succeeds with: 
  • Low-cost sponsored eblasts to a local community
  • ​Addition of services that can be delivered nationwide
  • ​A proven sales approach that delivers a high closing rate 
  • ​A large Instagram following created with boosting
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Host: Kara Prior, President of James Publishing

Kara Prior is president of James Publishing and co-founder of James’ Marketing Amplifier software program.  

She spends most of her time talking to attorneys about how to improve their marketing results.

Kara has a vast marketing and writing background, working for several newspapers and managing Entrepreneur magazine's 100,000-member social network before joining James Publishing seven years ago. 

Kara is co-author of two books: The Most Effective Law Firm Marketing Agencies, and How Small Law Firms Can Obtain More Referrals. She is the mother of two young boys, and was captain of her Division 1 college swim team.

Guest: Laura Cowan

Attorney Laura Cowan’s estate planning practice focuses on helping individuals and families make important decisions today to avoid unnecessary pain and conflict tomorrow. She understands how complicated the estate planning process can be and guides her clients to ensure that their loved ones are taken care of, and their final wishes are carried out. 

Laura received her Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Iowa State University and is a graduate of the University of Minnesota Law School. A former CPA with experience at Ernst & Young and Goldman Sachs, Laura is uniquely qualified to guide her clients through the often-confusing maze of estate planning. 

Laura has been named a 2019-2022 Rising Star™ by Super Lawyers™, an award reserved for the top 2.5% of attorneys in New York. She was ranked the “2nd Best Estate Planning Attorney in New York” in 2019 by Yelp out of over 800 attorneys and has twice been featured as a “Top Woman Attorney in New York” in the New York Times.