A 10% Budget Delivers 25% Annual Growth in a Competitive Market 


We continue our interview series with successful attorney-marketers where we uncover
what's working, what's not, and how you can get on a similar path to growth.
Ibrahim Awad’s law firm does mostly personal injury and a bit of criminal law in the competitive marketplace of Atlanta, GA.  

He has built a 15-person firm growing 25% annually while devoting only 10% of revenue to marketing. His multi-pronged approach effectively combines old and new marketing techniques.

This interview demonstrates how a healthy growth rate can be generated from an affordable marketing budget and a diversified approach.  

You will learn: 
  • Building upon your existing relationships is the surest and least expensive way to begin drawing clients 
  • ​An old-fashioned, low-cost approach to influencer marketing 
  • ​About adding multiple languages with overseas VA’s 
  • ​How to effectively take a small-town approach in a big city 
  • ​That combining education with entertainment is winning formula on social media 
  • ​Boosting popular videos is cheap and it works
  • ​Two techniques for going viral
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Host: Kara Prior, President of James Publishing

Kara Prior is president of James Publishing and co-founder of James’ Marketing Amplifier software program.  

She spends most of her time talking to attorneys about how to improve their marketing results.

Kara has a vast marketing and writing background, working for several newspapers and managing Entrepreneur magazine's 100,000-member social network before joining James Publishing seven years ago. 

Kara is co-author of two books: The Most Effective Law Firm Marketing Agencies, and How Small Law Firms Can Obtain More Referrals. She is the mother of two young boys, and was captain of her Division 1 college swim team.

Guest: Ibrahim Awad

Ibrahim Awad graduated law school and passed the bar on his first attempt. His work with the government allowed him to see many injustices firsthand. Those experiences compelled him to protect the disenfranchised who had fallen victim to the system. His love for the courtroom soon led him to open his own law firm. 

The Awad Law Firm specializes in personal injury law, protecting clients in accident cases; but they also have a focus for criminal defense. The Awad Law Firm has successfully represented clients on charges ranging from minor citations to felony offenses. 

Though the law is his passion, it was not Mr. Awad’s first love. In his free time, he loves practicing Martial Arts, regularly competing in tournaments. In his Martial Arts career, Ibrahim has fought in over 250 tournaments across the Southeast; winning numerous competitions and accolades. 

Always the family man, Mr. Awad also loves visiting his parents and his five younger siblings. For him, what matters most is spending time with his family: his precious, daughter, Jenna, his rambunctious son, Jamal, and his beautiful wife, Rawan.